The effects of aging, diet, seasons, and the mind are seen on the skin through the three Doshas (body constitutions):

  • Vata skin is rough and dry
  • Pitta skin is sensitive and oily
  • Kapha skin is smooth and thick

In order to best alleviate the effects of the aging process, we've formulated the following oils based on skin type:

  • Nourish, our Vata Care oil, is formulated to provide nourishment and suppleness to your skin.
  • Balance, our Pitta Care oil, cools, and calms sensitive skin as it detoxifies and stabilizes.
  • Revitalize, Kapha Care, is our warming, energizing, and invigorating formula.

Ayurveda teaches us the aging process can be beautiful. However, over time, the stress of modern living, extremes of climate, and the food we eat can take a toll on the human body and mind.

For these reasons, rejuvenating remedies called Rasayanas have been used for centuries. Ayurveda's approach to the aging process comprises therapies, lifestyle modification, and herbal formulations to regain balance of body and mind.

We all age, but how we get there makes all the difference.